The Mid-South Association for Financial Professionals is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of promoting the common business interest of financial and treasury management by providing and maintaining a forum for professionals of corporations or individuals for the active and open exchange of ideas, concepts, and techniques.

Our focus includes these topics:

· Finance/treasury
· Treasury management
· Cybersecurity
· Fraud/Crime (AML)
· Digital Assets/Tokenization
· Digitization of financial services
· Payment services

· Fintech and Financial
· Real time payments & collections
· Cash management/segmentation
· Finance / IT related

AFP Members and Visitors:
Due to ongoing COVID 19, and social distancing, we are conducting virtual meetings. We are working to get back to a regular schedule, but please check back to this site for updates as to when we have our next scheduled meeting.

The Virtual Program will begin at Noon and we will finish by 1 PM.

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